Auto IT: with System Center Orchestrator-Link

When you place more than 2 activities on System Center Orchestrator Designer, you’ll need to use single direction line to show the process. This line called Link.

First, you can change the name of link from default name ‘Link’ to you want.

SCO Link 01

In this example, I use ‘(5)’ to replace default name ‘Link’ to show the process steps.

And as you know, we often use some conditions to change the process direction.

SCO Link 02SCO Link 03

Not only include some conditions, but also exclude some conditions to match your request.

SCO Link 021SCO Link 022

Every activity have return status and/or some return data. You can use them to make your conditions.

SCO Link 04

The link looks too monotonous? You can change their appearance.

SCO Counter 01

So the Runbook will be colored~

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