Auto IT: with System Center Orchestrator-Schedule Runbook

As an automatic IT process tool, SCO can help you to finished many tasks. Sometime we need a task running at the time we planed. How to use SCO runbook to fulfill this?

Here is another example to show how runbook will auto-executed under schedule. We need collect application event log from some servers and move them to a network shared folder at first weekend of every month. How to do that?

You can place 5 Activities to the runbook like below.

Schedule Runbook 01

To plan the ‘Check Schedule’ you need create a Schedule via right click ‘Schedules’. So ‘Check Schedule’ activity can use it.

Schedule Runbook 02

Then configure activities and link them together.

‘Check Schedule’: Select the Schedule from your created.

Schedule Runbook 03

‘Save Event Log’: You can select event log type and use filter. Then tell system save event log to where and to what file type.

Schedule Runbook 04Schedule Runbook 05Schedule Runbook 06

‘Map Network Path’: We’ll move the log file to a folder by network share method.

Schedule Runbook 07

‘Move File’: Check the file and move it to the destination. There‘re some advanced settings.

Schedule Runbook 08Schedule Runbook 09

‘Send Platform Event’: It’s different than ‘Send Event Log Message’. Just showed in SCO system.

Schedule Runbook 10

That’s very important to test the runbook before you deploy it to the production environment. When you check in the runbook you can just click ‘Runbook Tester’.

Schedule Runbook 12

Use tester you can debug the runbook’s progress. You can step over the progress.

Schedule Runbook 13

You can also set breakpoint to check the data of the activity.

Schedule Runbook 16

While the runbook pass the test, you can run it from runbook servers.

Schedule Runbook 15Schedule Runbook 17

When the runbook triggered and finished, you can find the log file in the folder. And see a event in runbook server.

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