Auto IT: with System Center Orchestrator-Design a Runbook

What System Center Orchestrator can do for you? Let’s have a look at the runbook and find how it work for your IT work automation.

While you installed SCO you can open a MMC named ‘System Center Orchestrator Runbook Designer’ like this.

SCO Runbook 01

Here we suppose that we need monitor the DNS client service on the SCO server. We hope when the service is paused or stopped the SCO server will try to restart it  and record the issue to event log.

First, drag the ‘monitor service’ from right ‘Monitoring’ tab.

SCO Runbook 03

Double click on it and then input the settings for it.

SCO Runbook 11SCO Runbook 06

We set the runbook try to restart the DNS client service after it stopped or paused 10s.

SCO Runbook 10

And drag a ‘Send Event Log Message’ from ‘Notification’ tab. Of cause you can use ‘Send Platform Event’ too.

SCO Runbook 11 SCO Runbook 12

Give the item settings to work.

SCO Runbook 13

Link the two items. Notice that, from Monitor Service to Send Event Log Message.

SCO Runbook 14SCO Runbook 15

Fill the information for the Runbook and set it to the Runbook servers.

SCO Runbook 20SCO Runbook 23

Don’t forget to check in the runbook to server. And you can use ‘System Center Orchestrator Runbook Tester’ to check the whole runbook process.

SCO Runbook 29

Click ‘Run’ to run the runbook. 😉

Use ‘Services.msc’ stop the service ‘DNS Client’, and then refresh~ refresh~ refresh~ After almost 10s, you’ll find the DNS Client service be restarted.

And sure, you can find the event log which you set in runbook have been recorded in Event Log.

SCO Runbook 28

An otherwise, when you make some change in the runbook, don’t forget check it in. And SCO will record the changes which you made.

SCO Runbook 30

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